Using Temporary Storage When Moving Home

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The moving process can be complex with a number of factors involved. Opting for a storage service right here in Sheffield can help you to save time, stress and money. Here at Simple to Store in Sheffield we have created a need to know fact sheet to help answer some of your queries in regards to the benefits of temporary storage when moving home.

1. Decluttering

Professional removal companies often charge you by the time it takes to pack, load, remove and unload your items. It’s always a good idea to declutter your property as it means you’ll only have to pay for the cost of removals for the items you really need and want to take with you. 

Decluttering your property before moving your items into storage can save you money and help keep costs to a minimum as weekly Sheffield storage charges are often based on the space you need.

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2. In Between Properties

Sometimes you might find yourself in a position where your tenancy has come to an end or you’ve found a buyer for your property before finalising on your new property. In these circumstances you can often find yourself staying with families or friends in the short term but unable to store all your belongings with them. This is why storage is ideal as you can keep all your items together in a safe and secure storage facility, paying a weekly or monthly fee on a flexible contract until you are able to move into your new property.

3. Unforeseeable Problems on Moving Day

When moving properties, sometimes unexpected problems can occur such as completion falling through. 

If such a circumstance was to occur it is always a good idea to have a plan B. Receiving a quote for Sheffield storage could be that plan B. Our storage units here in Sheffield will ensure that you still have a safe, secure property to store your belongings.

4. New Home Renovations

Your new home may be in need of renovations or decorating in order to get it to your homely standards. Many people find it easier to renovate/decorate an empty property as it can save you time (moving and covering furnishings), it can also help protect your belongings from damage.

Simple to Store Sheffield can keep your items safe until the time comes when you need them, call us today on 0114 245 0110 for your storage and removal quote.

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