4 Tips to Stay Safe and Avoid Injuries When Moving House

4 Ways to Avoid Injuries When Moving House

Have you ever been injured moving house? Injuries are common during the process of moving house, it can prove to be quite a dangerous job. However, there are ways of reducing the risk of injury and avoiding injuries when moving house. We’ll give you four tips to help you to move safely.

1. Get Organised With Your Move

Moving house involves a fair amount of heavy lifting that can majorly strain your muscles if you’re not careful. Reducing the amount of unnecessary lifting you do is the best way to limit the strain on your muscles. This can be achieved simply by planning ahead. Organise how you’re going to layout your moving van before you start so you know what to move first and when to move it. Doing this will prevent you from having to drag items back and forward to re-assemble your moving van so everything fits. 

2. Don’t Overpack Your Boxes to Avoid Injuries When Moving House

Just because you can fit a million things in one box, doesn’t mean you should. Making boxes extremely heavy will only make them harder to move. It will strain your muscles and joints more, as well as worsening the degree of potential injuries if you were to drop the box. Keep things easier for yourself, lighter boxes are easier to handle and much less dangerous

3. Wrap Sharp Objects Carefully

Protect yourself from sharp edges by carefully wrapping sharp objects up well. Knives, scissors, blades from blenders etc… all need to be wrapped to avoid accidentally cutting yourself while packing and unpacking. This also stops the object from poking a hole through the box which could injure someone picking the box up, but could also cause items to fall out of the box during the move. Bubble wrap, towels and blankets are favourable for wrapping sharp items as they will create a good barrier between you and the sharp object.

4. Keep Children And Animals Out The Way

If you are moving with small children and/or pets it would be wise to keep them distracted away from any danger. Pets like dogs and cats love to get under our feet and this could be dangerous for you and the animal, increasing your risk of tripping and hurting yourself or your pet. Similarly with young kids, either wanting to help or wanting your attention, it could easily cause an accident while you’re moving large or heavy objects. Keep your children distracted with a board game, a film or whatever they enjoy doing, in another room to keep them safe.

As you can read, there are many things that can be done to help you keep you and your family safe and avoid injuries when moving house. We can even help you with moving and storage, simply contact us and we’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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