What Can Be Stored in Sheffield Storage Units


Storage units are a great way to keep belongings that you don’t have room for anymore or a good way to keep precious items safe. Whatever the reason you need it, storage is the best way to keep your personal property protected and secure. But, what can you actually put in storage and what can’t you?

It Can Depend on the Storage Company You Use

Every storage company is different. Some will have much stricter rules on what you can and can’t store. Some might just not have the space to store very large items. Luckily, at Simple to Store, we don’t have many restrictions in terms of storage! 

What You Definitely Can’t Put Into Storage

Animals & People

This one is quite self-explanatory. You can’t put animals, people or anything living into a storage unit. On a similar note, you can’t live in one of our storage containers either!


The last thing you want to walk into is a storage unit covered in mould. Whilst we take many measures to ensure your belongings are safe and protected in our storage facility, we can’t keep food away from inevitably turning mouldy. 

Explosives or Highly Flammable Items

Explosives or dangerous items shouldn’t be in storage. Flammable items pose a risk to the entire storage facility. If you need to store an item such as petrol or strong cleaning solvents, you’ll need to find somewhere else to put them. 

Calculate Your Storage Costs Based on What You’re Storing

At Simple to Store, you can store pretty much anything that isn’t listed above. We have ample room for larger items and we can even help you get your bigger items into the containers. 


If you’re considering putting some of your belongings into storage, why not try out our cost calculator. Input what you are storing and how long you need to store it to get an estimate on price. 

We deal with all types and sizes of freight worldwide.

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