These Storage Tips Will Save You Time, Money and Stress!

storage tips to save you time, money and stress

[vc_row][vc_column icons_position=”left”][vc_wp_text]Placing your belongings in storage is a great decision whether you’re decluttering, at uni or moving house. However, it can get stressful and time-consuming sometimes but there are ways to reduce the hassle. We’ll go through some handy tips and tricks to make the process much easier for you. 


Organise Items Before You Store Them


Consider the order you put boxes into your space. Having to wade through all your belongings to get to something you need that’s right at the back will take time and effort. If you know some of the items you’re putting into storage might be needed soon, or are frequently used, keep these at the front for easy access. 


Label Your Storage Boxes 


Another way to save yourself time is to label all your boxes/containers. This way if you need to retrieve something, it can be easily located without wasting time looking through all your boxes to find one or two items. Some storage facilities might ask for a full inventory but it’s always worth knowing what you have and which box it’s in. 


Use All the Storage Space Available 


Another good money-saving tip when it comes to storage is not to waste any space. If something can be stored in something else, such as clothes in a set of drawers, you’ll be able to fit more items in the storage unit without having to spend more money on a bigger space. Another way of space-saving is to dismantle furniture. If you are storing a table, for example, if it’s possible to disassemble the legs and tabletop, it will take up much less space, allowing you to use that space for more items. 


Wrap Fragile Items Well


To avoid unnecessary stress, be sure to cushion fragile or precious belongings well so they don’t get damaged. Use packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing paper to give them extra protection. Alternatively, to save you money, instead of buying packing materials, use old towels/clothes/blankets to pack the fragile items. 


Avoid Unnecessary Water Damage 


A good storage facility won’t have any signs of water damage and will have a process for monitoring things like this in storage units. But even the best of us can’t protect from your own items. When storing items such as fridges or freezers, it’s important they don’t leak water, causing damage to belongings or mould growth. Before putting fridges/freezers into storage, check them thoroughly, to ensure they are fully dry or defrosted before they get placed into the storage container. When they are in the container, leave the doors slightly open.  


Storage doesn’t need to feel stressful or time-consuming. Stay organised with labels and keeping important items near the front, make the most of the space to get your money’s worth, ensure breakable items are secure and properly cushioned. Avoid water damage, damp and mould in your container by properly drying, defrosting or draining electrical items such as fridges, freezers and washing machines. 


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