Is Putting Belongings in Storage a Good Idea?


In short, yes. There’s almost no reason not to put your personal property in storage. It comes with endless benefits and, when you store with a storage company like us, you get the best-priced storage in Sheffield! 


So, why is it a good idea?

It’s Secure

Most storage facilities are protected by some form of security system (at Simple to Store, ours is monitored by CCTV 24/7). You can keep your more treasured items in a storage unit and not have to worry about them being stolen or damaged.

Helps to Declutter Your Home

Over time, homes become cluttered with stuff. Whether you have children that stopped playing with a selection of their toys or you just have a hard time parting with things you don’t need anymore. Whatever the reason, every house is likely to have at least a little clutter. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of this clutter forever, then keeping it in storage is the perfect solution. It will always be there if you want it back, but it won’t be taking up space in your house. 

Gives You a Place to Put Seasonal Items

Christmas, Halloween, Easter and any other holiday you may celebrate only happen once a year. So what do you do with these decorations when you’re not using them? They’re either taking up space in a long lost cupboard, shoved away underneath your bed or binned and re-bought next year. Whatever it is you do with them, it would be much easier to put them in secure storage. Out of sight, out of mind until that time of year comes back around.

You Can Use Storage When You Move

Moving is a notoriously stressful time. Especially if you have a lot of belongings to pack up and take to your new place. Storage can be a great way to make a transition between houses much smoother. You won’t have to move all your belongings at once, you can just move them into your new house whenever you feel ready. 


It’s also a great way to reduce damage to your larger or more expensive items. By putting these things in storage you can keep them out of the way of the chaos.

You Can Use Storage for Your Business or Side Hustle!

Another wonderful advantage to storage units is the ability to hold plenty of stock. A side hustle or small business often requires a stock or product room, which usually ends up being your front living room. By using storage, you can keep all your products safe, secured and away from damage.

Thinking of Storing?

Storing is a great way to declutter your space, keep items you don’t always need or make moving easier. If you’re looking for a reliable storage company, you don’t need to look much further. Our high-quality storage facilities offer flexible terms and the best prices in Sheffield.

You can even estimate how much it will cost you.

We deal with all types and sizes of freight worldwide.

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