How Students Can Benefit From Storage in Sheffield


People are often sceptical about putting their belongings in storage but it can have so many benefits, especially for students. Student storage is the perfect solution to so many issues you face whilst at University. From saving space in your room to storing products for your side hustle, it can solve it all.

Storage Gives You More Space

University rooms can be notoriously small, leaving you with very little room for all your personal property. If you’re tired of tripping over mountains of clothes or course equipment then storage is the perfect option. You can keep all your belongings nearby but out of the way of your day to day living. You can declutter your space without having to choose between which beloved possessions to keep and which to get rid of. 

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Reduces the Risk of Items Being Lost, Stolen or Damaged

Sharing a living space with so many people can sometimes lead to things going missing. A good way to keep your personal items safe is to put your property in storage. You can leave your belongings in storage for as long as you need and they will still be there when you come back to them. 

At Simple To Store, keeping your possessions in tip-top condition is our priority. We use industry-standard storage containers to ensure your possessions are aired, dry and dust-free. 

There’s No Need to Drag Belongings Back and Forth (You Can Pack Light!)

University often involves a fair amount of moving around. You might go back and forth between home and uni a lot and it can be a pain to have to pack all your stuff up only to do it all over again very soon. 

Storage is your ticket out of that hassle. By putting your stuff in storage, you can keep it safe whilst you’re gone, allowing you to pack just the essentials for your trip. When you get back from your visit home or trip away, your belongings will be packed and ready to go to your new accommodation.

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You can Finally Set Up a Side Hustle

Side hustles are a great way to make money whilst at University. However, you often need actual space to put your stock/products. If this is the case, storage can be the best solution. Keep all your stock in storage and collect whenever you need it!

Store Securely with Simple To Store

We’re a very student-friendly storage facility. We provide secure storage (monitored by CCTV 24/7) for as little as £6 per week. We have plenty of space, so you can store big or little, for a long time or a short time.

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